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LTB S2 006 Hernán Braberman - 3D branding

In this episode I talk with Hernán Braberman, Hernán is Executive Design Director and Partner of Tridimage, responsible for the creative direction of tridimage´s design projects. As a packaging designer he thinks about every aspect of the design: the material, how it smells, how it opens, ...

LTB 005 Aaron Pierson talks about brand strategy, customer research and disrupting the market.

Hey guys! In this fifth episode I talk with Aaron Pierson. In this episode I talk with Aaron Pierson, he's an amazon best selling author, owner of brand consulting agency vitals, podcast host and much more. We talk about brand strategy, disrupting the market, how to facilitate using lego and how to do customer research. Aaron is a branding boss and I hope you'll enjoy this value packed episod.