LTB 005 Aaron Pierson talks about brand strategy, customer research and disrupting the market.

Hey guys! In this fifth episode I talk with Aaron Pierson. In this episode I talk with Aaron Pierson, he's an amazon best selling author, owner of brand consulting agency vitals, podcast host and much more. We talk about brand strategy, disrupting the market, how to facilitate using lego and how to do customer research. Aaron is a branding boss and I hope you'll enjoy this value packed episod.

LTB 003 Kristoffer Fink Parup, Senior Brand Strategist at Pearlfisher.

Hey guys! In this third podcast I talk with Kristoffer Fink Parup, he's an experienced brand strategist at International branding firm Pearlfisher. A short bio: Kristoffer has worked in the world of branding as a Strategist for 5+ years at Monocle, venturethree, Pentagram and Pearlfisher. Seeking to make brands express their essence in unique ways, Kristoffer works closely with Designers and other creatives to make sure the BIG idea always leads the way. 

LTB 002 Henk Willems: award winning branding veteran

In this episode I talk with Henk Willems, he's a veteran in graphic design and branding. Having worked in agencies such as Duval, he has done a lot of award winning, iconic work. In the  podcast we talk about brand strategy, brand manifesto's, how to present your identity work and how to grow as a designer. I hope you enjoy!