Distinctive, strong brands is what I stand for.

I love to create brands that stand out, that work, that create a connection with their audience. I build tribes around brands by creating a strong message. Design should always come from strategy. As a brand strategist I see the importance of crafting identities that correlate with the core beliefs and culture of a company. Only that way can you create 'authentic' brands.

 Logo and identity design for 'The canoe trip'.

Logo and identity design for 'The canoe trip'.

My strengths


Brand strategy 

Every strong brand has an 'essence' or 'why'. Apple has: "Think different", Nike has "Just do it". These are not just fancy words, these are the brand essentials, everything should connect and stem from this core belief. That way, customers can buy your product because they believe in your why, not in your 'what'. Crafting your why is what I believe to be the most important step for crafting a brand that stands time and can grow. 

Identity design

Your visual identity is the combination of typography, color, logo and how it feels. Crafting a brand experience that feels special is important, it creates trust and desire for your customers. I have 7 years of experience creating brand identities.