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LTB S03 E04 Adrian Belina - Immersive brand experiences

LTB S03 E04 Adrian Belina - Immersive brand experiences

Don’t try to copy competitors work, create work that competitors will want to copy.

In this episode, I talk with Adrian Belina, Partner & Executive Creative Director at Jam3, a studio that creates groundbreaking digital experiences for big brands such as Google, Adidas, Oreo,... We talk about how to create work that is 'cutting-edge' and how to stay ahead, the recent Fyre festival doc, where he gets inspired, how to create immersive brand experiences and much more.

Here are some of the topics and links:

  • Jam3, Adrian's studio

  • How Adrian attracts new clients

  • How to keep innovating

  • The Fyre festival documentary (Netflix)

  • How you need to convince clients to not copy others, but create work that others will copy

  • The Reformation stores

  • Some of the examples Jam3 did and how they impacted a brand.

You can connect with Adrian here on LinkedIn or on Twitter here.

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