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LTB S2 012 Graham Robertson - Beloved brands

LTB S2 012 Graham Robertson - Beloved brands


Change the pace of your thinking.

In this episode I talk with Graham Robertson, author of the awesome book 'beloved brands' and over 20 years of experience at companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, General Mills,… He knows his stuff. We talk about the rise of smaller brands, learning about your consumer, finding brand purpose, Mc-donalds, Nike and much more.

We talk about:

  • His amazing book ‘beloved brands’

  • The rise of small and mid-size brands or ‘craft' brands as Graham calls them

  • Nike’s recent campaign

  • How smaller agencies can play a new role in this world

  • Strategy is ‘thinking slow’. Execution is thinking fast

  • Narrowing down your target audience and explaining that to your client

  • The difference between the ‘selling target’ and the actual target audience

  • Strategy for startups

  • See what sticks and stick to what sticks

You can connect with Graham on his Linkedin or website.

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