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JP Hanson - From business to brand strategy

JP Hanson - From business to brand strategy


You need to understand the levels of strategy before you can define what to do.

In this episode, I talk with JP Hanson, CEO of international consultancy Rouser. JP has a deep, critical understanding of strategy. We talk about the hierarchy in strategy, the difference between positioning and distinctiveness, business strategy and much more.


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We talk about

  • Positioning vs Distinctiveness

  • Long term vs Short term brand building

  • The definition of branding

  • Tactics vs Strategy

  • How to understand business strategy

  • The hierarchy of business, marketing, and brand strategy

  • The Dove 'real beauty' campaign

  • Brand purpose as a management tool

  • The four 'P's by Kotler

  • Positioning as a 'timesaver' instead of a marketing tool

There is a bunch of book tips throughout the episode:

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Stef Hamerlinck - Unlocking strategy

Stef Hamerlinck - Unlocking strategy

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