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LTB S2 011 Haraldur Thorleifsson - Ueno founder

LTB S2 011 Haraldur Thorleifsson - Ueno founder


Building skyscrapers.

In this episode I talk with Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder and CEO of Ueno, one of the most inspiring agencies on the map today. We talk about the struggles and joys of building an agency, developing acompany culture and brand and the future of Ueno.

We talk about:

  • The unique story of Ueno

  • Becoming a CEO as a designer

  • Getting the right type of clients

  • The importance of strategy for Ueno

  • Developing a brand as an agency

  • The future of Ueno

  • Ueno’s unique job site

  • Growing an agency

  • The pricing at Ueno (read the article here)

You can connect with Haraldur aka ‘Halli’ on his Twitter Website and Medium.

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