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Camille Baldwin - Pattern Brands

In this episode, I talk with Camille Baldwin, VP of Brand & Founding Team at Pattern. We talk about why they shifted the successful agency Gin Lane into a new company and agency model called Pattern Brands. At Pattern Brands, they create their own companies and brands.

Jasmine Bina - Brands with a story

In this episode, I talk with Jasmine Bina, CEO of the concept bureau. We talk about brand strategy, how to involve your clients and build a strong brand narrative that can be the basis for all the creative solutions. Jasmine has an interesting way of looking at history to design the future for a brand.

Stef Hamerlinck - Brand performance

In this solo episode, I talk about brand performance. Why is it important to measure the brand performance, what do we need to measure and how? I talk about some specific tools and techniques we can use. We also look at the key performance indicators for a brand (KPI's). It's a fun ride so I hope you enjoy!

Peter Van Praet - Building a brand

In this episode, I talk with a former client and entrepreneur Peter Van Praet. Peter founded 'Bavet', a successful fast-casual chain in Belgium (10 restaurants and counting). We talk about the importance of branding, how to build a brand and how creative agencies could win more clients.

Koen Verbrugge: Measuring Brand Impact

In this episode I talk with digital strategist and marketeer Koen Verbrugge about the importance of measuring brand impact. We go deep into metrics and what they mean. We also discuss a lot of ‘vanity metrics’ and performance-driven tactics that amount to no good. Enjoy!