All in podcast

Byron Sharp - How Brands Grow

In this episode, I talk with professor Byron Sharp from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia. We talk about the science behind branding, how to build distinctive brands and we debunk some myths around positioning. Byron brings some surprising views to the table so buckle up!

Stef Hamerlinck - The Future Of Branding

In this solo episode I take you down the rabbit hole into the future of branding. How will our jobs look like in the future? Will we lose the fight with AI? Will logo generators take over? What will be left for us? How can AI enhance our jobs and help us solve bigger problems?

Jonathan Stark - Value-Based Pricing

In this episode, we mind wrestle with Value-based pricing specialist Jonathan Stark. We debunk a lot of myths and take a hands-on approach on how to transition from hourly billing to value-based pricing. After you have listened to Jonathan talk, one thing will be certain: “Hourly billing is nuts!”

Stef Hamerlinck - Sell Your Thinking

In this episode, I want to show you how to ‘sell your thinking’. Selling your thinking is crucial once you know how to think on a more strategic level and solve bigger problems for your client. I walk you through the brand strategy presentation and how to build-up a narrative that gets your clients excited.

Wouter Sel - Brands In Motion

In this episode I talk with Wouter Sel, co-founder of Volstok, an award winning animation studio. We talk about the intersection between motion and branding, the return of the mascotte and much more. How we can create brands that are moving, breathing things that connect with their audience. Enjoy!